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Pull down stairs – As the owner of a Raleigh home inspection companies and home inspectors Raleigh Professional for 15 years, the precarious state of the pull-down attic stairs is one of the most common problems we see on a regular basis. Attic pull-down stairs were installed to make the upper ceiling spaces more accessible. The folding ladder units are usually made of wood, sometimes metal. Their sectional… in that they “fold” and when you close them for the most part there is above the ceiling with most of the tribunal that is basically “invisible”. What we find is that they are often broken or just clearly been installed incorrectly. And the device is damaged or installation of a pull-down stairs is nothing less than a safety hazard. This is the most important that the correct ladder unit is installed and maintained in good condition without damage. Also, pull-down stairs that are often overlooked, many taken-for-granted, and sometimes physically abused components that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Improper installation of the stairs to the loading unit roughly framed; Most often this in the form of screws was wrong, or too few screws have been hired for the task at hand, and something that is fun if it can be thought of like “cute”, the manufacturer’s installation instructions are often stamped right on the frame of the device. Some times in bright red ink so one could possibly miss them. What’s up with that? Many times the unit of the pull down stairs is installed, so that the plant has led to structural-related other issues like when the rope under pre-engineered roof rafters that simply Well. Many times the unit installed the ladder not long right to high for the ceiling installation location. Either they are too short, stairs stringers, where not fully extended to the floor or they are too long, which does not have the stringers had been trimmed to wear on the floor when fully extended.

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Often, Butt stringers uncut for the right angle to evenly meet and supported by the floor when fully extended. Missing or loose hardware or screws hinges and supports tread ladder assembly. All hardware must be installed and maintained in a tight and secure configuration. The hinges and springs can be a problem for springs are often observed that are not working properly because the spy has slipped out of their detention guides. This makes the operation of the device possible. All this heat transfer between the attic and living space air-reduce the overall energy efficiency of the house. Attic pull down stairs are absolutely comfortable and they provide access to an area that may not otherwise be space used. However, they must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s mounting requirements and must be maintained in good mechanical condition. Failure to secure this key point is so very important because failure to do so can result in serious harm to you or a loved one. Pleasant, yes but they are also potentially dangerous, should be considered as such, and should be evaluated regularly for conditions and functions.