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Jay shafer small house – A few decades ago, average household size was well below current. A growing group of people avoid this trend by building their own tiny house. Is movement of small houses, way to becoming literary and business phenomenon? Or microcosm’s small houses are a phenomenon among critics with idea that large. And also more sophisticated home itself, greater self – fulfillment and happiness. A home smaller and minimalist releases its dweller of great economic ties and reduces its impact.

Posted on March 19, 2022 Small House Ideas

Jay shafer small house cabins and huts are constructed of adobe or cob, stone, wood, recycled materials. Straw bale or a combination of these. And also other materials, are much more reminiscent of past in era of ” do it yourself “. Movement of small houses recognizes advantages of what they call simple life. Then, new inhabitants of small huts of XXI century appreciate minimalism. Value creating and learning over consume and if they have to choose, prioritize spirituality above hedonism and superficiality.

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Jay Shafer Small HouseSize: 920 x 614

The phenomenon of jay shafer small house has grown in shelter of Internet. And also work of generation of counterculture, with pioneers like editor coats. Then, human constructions in magazine Whole Earth Catalog of Stewart Brand (according to Steve Jobs ” Google 60 “). Which dusted transcendentalist ideal return to simplicity and also contact with nature. Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, etc.