New Option Decoration Electric Fire Place

With the electric fire place, you have the feeling of having a real fireplace. You can observe firewood, flames and false embers, but with the technology and the heating power that a radiator gives you. Although this chimney has more power than bioethanol, the electric chimney is considered a complementary element to the general heating. No cables are needed! As its name indicates, the electric fireplace works with a single outlet. This is ideal if you are looking for a device that emits mild heat, as well as being able to enjoy beautiful flames without having to carry out the cleaning or maintenance that involves having a wood burning fireplace.

Posted on May 24, 2022 Interior

The electric fireplace home depot has a great advantage: it is super easy to use! You just have to connect it to the socket, turn it on and that’s it! You can light the flames with a remote control, regulate the temperature and even the size of the flames. By plugging into the current the temperature rises like foam! In addition, it has the ability to turn off its heating function by keeping the image of the flames in decorative mode. So, you can alternate your functions and enjoy the views of some flames with low consumption. Most electric fireplaces have a fan that expands the heat throughout the room. Normally you can choose between two powers (1000W or 2000W), which allows better management of the heating.

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You will not need to refuel the fireplace to rekindle the fire: take the remote control and select the size of the flame! You must choose your power depending on where you are going to be. If your electric fireplace wall mount is going to be mobile, choose the power that suits the different rooms where you intend to use it. You should know that these require 1kW for every 10m², so if the average surface of your rooms is 15m², choose a 1500W fireplace. In the case of choosing a fixed electric fireplace, you should only take into account the surface of the room in question.

Do not overestimate its heating capacity, remember that electric fireplace white are mainly decorative. Consider it a supplementary heating point. In case you are still doubting we remind you that the electric fireplace, in addition to providing heat and good aesthetics to your home, is safe for children, since its flames are fictitious and in general, it is equipped with security systems that put out the fireplace if you left it on or it is overheated. The difference lies in the lack of risk of the electric fireplace since it does not use fuel.