Modular Office Furniture Ideas

When setting up your home office, you need four standard modular office furniture: desk, office chair, file cabinet and bookshelves. If you’re on a budget, look for used office furniture at economy, store sales or in classified newspapers in the newspaper or the Internet. Low-priced stores also sell new office furniture that will normally need to be installed.

Posted on May 19, 2022 Interior

Be creative

Think outside the box when looking for office furniture. If you cannot find the perfect desktop, it is possible to create a large desktop that is both handsome and functional. Start by looking for a two drawer file cabinet. If you can find two matching, buy both. Now you have the bottom half of a desk. The next step is to find a top for your desktop. Use a door or have a countertop done. Some construction stores sell parts of ready-made countertops for a reasonable price. Or look for something at secondhand stores or shipyards that can work.

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Mounting of Desk

To mount the desk, lay on the desk on the two file cabinets, with a cabinet at each end. The top should be long enough so that a chair will fit in the center. If you only have an archive cabinet, attach the end of the table (without a file cabinet) to a wall. Do this by nailing a horizontal strip of wood on the wall, the same height as the file cabinet. Before laying the end of the worktops on the strip of wood, apply glue like Liquid nails. If you found attractive two-drawer file cabinets, in a forest you want, consider customizing the desktop, by having a similar wood trim adds to the edge of the counter when ordering it from the cabinet store. The final product will look like a custom desktop, for a fraction of a cost.


There are many ways to add bookshelves to your home office. Individual shelves can be hung directly on the wall, using consoles. You can use technology of decades of students – cinderblocks (placed under opposite ends of the shelf) with shelves clipped between each layer of cinderblock ends. You can also find the perfect stand-alone bookcase. If you plan to spend a lot of time at the desk, be especially careful when choosing a desk chair. Cheap and comfortable new chairs are available at discounted department stores or warehouses, if you cannot find a suitable used chair. If needed, spend a little more buying a comfortable chair.