Minecraft Small Wooden House Plan

Minecraft small wooden house – If you want super live in minecraft mentalist that you need a house. The house will provide you with a shelter where you can be sure to build, dig, explore, sleep … but above all. And more importantly, take care of the spiders and Creepers, as these creatures in daylight do not disappear. If you are a player you’re starting out and you’re learning. Today we will see step by step how to make a house in minecraft. So you can begin to stand up for yourself.

Posted on May 5, 2022 Minecraft Small House

Build minecraft small wooden house, here you go from, make a worktable, a piece of wood, meets four wooden boards. Put them in the inventory and decorate your work table. Then, make a woodpecker, you need to gather stone. Uniting three wooden boards horizontally through the top row. And also with two sticks in the middle column, you can make a pica wood.

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Minecraft small wooden house, now you’ll have to get enough stone. And dozen blocks or so to make a pike stone, shovel stone and a stone ax. To gather this amount of blocks of stone, you will have to dig the stone with the woodchip you have made. Put two sticks and three blocks of stone in the same way you did to create the wooden stick, only now you will do it with stone. With two sticks and a stone block in a vertical line you can make a stone blade.