Making Small Doll House Furniture

Making Small Doll House Furniture – Another idea to prepare more crafts for our children. But this time the proposal is different. Make furniture for dolls using and recycling materials that you surely have at home. Your little ones can have furniture made by you. Who we all know is something special and we will not spend a fortune to buy doll furniture.

Posted on March 19, 2022 Small House Ideas

Let’s start making small doll house furniture with the little chairs. For it they will use bottle caps, scraps of fabric, cotton or wadding for filling the seat. The teeth of a thick comb and contact glue. We must cut a circle on the fabric that is larger than the bottle cap. Paste the cotton or wadding on the top of the cap. Place on the back of the piece of cloth and take it to the center. And stick the fabric against the cap. If you see that there are scraps of fabric left unglued, they should be cut with the scissors. There should not be an excess of fabric stuck in the cover in an unpleasant way since then we must stick the legs of our chairs. We will use thick teeth of a comb or you can use the teeth of a disposable fork.

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To make small doll house furniture the table we will use the bottle caps, small funnel, an attachment to join and give greater surface to stick the funnel with the metal lid, fine sandpaper, acrylic paint, contact glue. As a first step, we must sand the lid and the funnel in order to paint them. We must apply at least two layers of paint, or all those that you consider necessary until it is well cover. Leave dry and when you are ready, you can stick the bottle cap with the funnel. You can use a piece that can be an account or similar, so that the surface on which are glue both pieces is greater. Hit and you’ll have the table ready.