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A console narrow sofa table is located behind a sofa. The long and narrow table is relatively simple to build, especially if a simple design is done with the legs stretched and without much adornment. Stain the table to match the rest of your furniture. If you are using the table between the sofa and the wall, you can leave it without spots, since nobody will see it. You will use power tools to build the table, so be careful and wear protective glasses. Cut the 2-by-4-inch boards into four 30-inch long pieces using the circular saw or hand saw. Some protective glasses during the cut.

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These are the legs of the target console table. Cut the boards 2 by 1 inch into two long pieces of 9 inches long and two pieces of 36 inches. Sand the edges of the boards so that they are soft. Drill four 1/2-inch deep holes through time, each side narrow 36 inches long, 2 by 1-inch board. Space holes evenly spaced, starting at 3 inches on each side. Also drill three 1/2-inch deep holes in the entire length, narrow side of the 9-inch long, 2-by-1-inch board. Make two 1/2-inch deep holes on each short side of the long tables of 36 inches and 9 inches. Space the holes 1 inch apart, 1/2 inch at the top and bottom edges.

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Drill two 1/2-inch deep holes on both sides of each plate by 2 by 4 inches, spaced 1 inch apart, 1/2 inch from the top of the board. To mount the black console table, you want the holes in the legs of the table to align with the holes in the sides of the table. Drill a 1/2-inch deep hole in the top center of each leg of the table. Make sure the top hole is on the side of the leg that also has all four holes. Measure 2 inches away from the short ends of the plate by 15 by 2 inches, which is the surface of the table. Make a mark at these points, since that is where the 9-inch boards will adhere to the top.

Also measure 1 inch away from the long ends of the long sofa table surface and make a mark. Drill three holes on each side of the surface of the table, between the marks that made 2 inches on. Drill four holes on each side of the top, between the marks that made 1 inch. These holes should be aligned with the holes on the sides of the 36-inch and 9-inch boards. Shield the ends of the 1-inch dowels with wood glue and push into the holes in the surface of the table.