How To Decorate Small Georgian Houses Cape Style

How To Decorate Small Georgian Houses Cape Style – Cape style refers to a type of housing that was published in the New England, especially Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Connecticut first, between 1690 and 1850. Cape-style home embodied the austerity of the colonists. The houses were short and stout, included hip and bowed roofs and sometimes had dormer windows, according to the website. If you’re lucky enough to have a house that is truly a part of American history. You can decorate it in a way that befits the original Cape style.

Posted on July 14, 2022 Small House Ideas

Instructions decorate small Georgian houses style is Paint walls shades of cream, light blue, light yellow green or pastel. Only extremely wealthy colonists could afford wallpaper in the 1700 s, so just select a room for wallpaper, aligned with sparing quality of Cape home. If you choose wallpaper choose a discreet flower pattern in line with yours. Expose all wooden beams, if they are not already exposed. And also holding bare floors, except for a modest braided mat here and there.

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Next steps decorate small Georgian houses style. Furnish your home with or Federal-colonial wooden pieces, according to the modest theme of the home. You can revel in some very plush upholstered armchairs or a sofa, but they should reflect the colonial era color palette: blues, greens, creams, browns, with red accent here and there. Install wall scones that look like kerosene lanterns. This will give your home antiquated charm of such fixtures, with the convenience of electricity. Outfit each room with humble decorative accessories. For example, in the dining room serves a simple hutch show your good China as a modest decoration. In the living room, will be a bookcase with leather bound books and a statuette, or antique clock hand.