Great Ideas Heavy Duty Bunk Beds

Furniture designers have done wonders to optimize spaces and adapt to the architecture of today’s world, where spaces are smaller and the dynamics of life more fluid. Particularly in the children’s bedrooms and juveniles, generally shared space. For those rooms, the heavy duty bunk beds are ideal, but if they are three beds, that’s better. To solve the problem of space, without affecting the image of the setting, the designers have overflowed their creativity. Gone are the rooms with bunk beds of heavy structures, where the most notorious were the beds. In the current design of bunk beds the beds are hidden behind attractive furniture with ingenious figures.

Posted on January 23, 2021 Interior

In addition, many of these have the quality also of being multifunctional furniture, enabled as tables, armchairs, cabinets, et cetera. Here we have a fun design of triple bunk shaped train. A versatile piece of furniture, which also integrates a wardrobe and chest of drawers. The beds are not placed one over another, which gives lightness to the structure. Its smooth wood finishes make it look distinguished, while the combination of gray, white and case colors is harmonious. A triple transverse bunk is also a good option to optimize space. As the model we see in the photograph, where the angle of the corner is used to place the L-shaped bunk, and leave as much space as possible in the center of the room.

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Wooden Bunk Beds ModelSize: 1114 x 864

Heavy Duty Wooden BedsSize: 1024 x 825

Heavy Duty Wooden BedSize: 1500 x 1110

Heavy Duty Triple BedsSize: 900 x 661

Heavy Duty L Shaped BedsSize: 1440 x 1080

Heavy Duty Kids BedsSize: 1440 x 1080

Heavy Duty Child BedsSize: 1500 x 1500

Heavy Duty Beds FrameSize: 800 x 800

Cool Heavy Duty Bunk BedsSize: 1200 x 1200

The colonial-style berth is made of wood and plastic, in white. Its square structure, with nested beds, gives it a contemporary feel. What better scenario to dream and share than a triple berth in the shape of a ship! To make it more real, it has details such as shelves, rudder and hidden staircase, ready to sail all your dreams. A spectacular design where he takes up every detail of the boats. A design whose quality finishes makes it look good too.

On the other hand, the color bone, with small touches in black and sky blue give it a peaceful appearance. Sending the children to sleep at night in this type of room will not be a problem. All aboard! The bunk beds triple model is super practical, as it integrates a desk with drawers and shelves in its structure. Like the previous models, its staircase also serves as a drawer unit. A very functional youthful design that helps us optimizes the space to the fullest. Simple design that looks sweeter and cleaner, in white with small touches of pink and purple.