Great And Simple Wall Mount Wine Glass Rack

Particularly I must say that I am not a great wine enthusiast, but I must admit that some containers in which the sweet liquor comes from the vineyards attract me a lot. And one of those containers in particular is the wooden boxes where the wine bottles come from. Drinking a glass of wine or liquor when you get home after a hard day’s work or meeting with friends to enjoy an aperitif can be a great pleasure for many. If you like these moments of talk and relaxation , maybe you have ever thought that you would like to dedicate a small space of the home to these moments. We give you great and simple wall mount wine glass rack ideas for wine lovers or, simply, to recreate a lively and quiet space within the walls of your home.

Posted on June 5, 2022 Interior

And today we want to show you an idea to decorate a wall with wooden boxes where bottles of wine used to be. They do not necessarily have to be wine, there are also boxes of champagne bottles or other liquors, what is essential are that it is a wooden box with its lid, at least to make this decorative idea. The idea is very simple, and inversely proportional to its simplicity, it is the spectacular result that we can achieve. We just need to place the wine wooden boxes on the wall .

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Mini Wine Glass RackSize: 800 x 800

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Wall Wine Glass RackSize: 1362 x 1500

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Hanging Wine Glass HolderSize: 1500 x 1500

Great Wine Glass RackSize: 980 x 969

With a few tacos, screws, level and a drill we will place them a matter of minutes. If what you are looking for is something simpler that allows you to have some of your bottles and glasses in the same place, a simple drawer or basket fixed to the wall will serve you. Just make sure it is stable enough to support the glasses and to keep all the weight you need in it.

Then we can paint them matching the wall or leave them as they are to create a nice contrast with the color of the wall. And besides, it is not only a decorative idea, but also very practical, because these boxes serve as shelves or practical shelves   to store books, decorative objects, books, movies, or what we would normally store in a shelf or common shelf. So if you are looking for something to make an original bookcase , now every time you see a box of wine, you may be interested in both its content and the box itself.