Girl Twin Bedding: Glamour Never Hurts

Put these ideas into practice when designing your daughter’s room. Functionality does not have to be at odds with fun. If you are thinking of changing your home or just want to renew your daughter’s room to be more in line with her age or her new hobbies, keep in mind these ideas girl twin bedding that we propose here. We are sure that you will surprise her, but remember that it is not wrong for her to participate in the process. You can start by marking the limits well from the beginning. Because, as you already know, life (and even less your room) is not only pink.

Posted on May 14, 2022 Interior

Show him the value of vintage. It is often tempting to buy all the furniture in a department store. It is comfortable and cheap, but with a little work we can give a new use to an old piece of furniture and thus bring charm and personality to your daughter’s room. Top the look with a vintage framed poster like this one. You will pleasantly surprise her. Let him see your more modern side. How about a bright room? A good idea can be this: the use of independent shelves with wood finish combines well with the desk and the window bench. Simple and practical at the same time.

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Tell him that white is also very feminine … White tones and retro painted furniture are usually a good idea in a bedroom. If you dare to finish it off with a vaporous canopy, which brings the touch of originality, you will surely leave your daughter with her mouth open. And that the details matter. Choose a neutral background to highlight some details of the bedroom. If, as in this case, you opt for a simple bedding – one with details on a pink background is not a bad idea – and you give the walls a clear tone, rest assured that the rest of the elements will capture all the protagonist .

Choose surprising and daring furniture, such as this bed or the original shelves and multicolored curtains. These three elements stand out clearly on the rest of the set. How about a beach touch? Always works. This bedroom is perfect both for a girl who still goes to school and for a university with no idea of ​​becoming independent for the time being. The white bedding, along with the beautiful combination of red and blue, is perfect with a bright yellow touch. Surely your daughter will be fascinated by the old and glamorous details. Look, for example, at the ones in this room. You will love lying on that soft rug to read or do homework comfortably.