Functional Decoration With Japanese Home Divider

Do you want to give an original touch to your living room? Do you need a space separator? Japanese home divider is an option that you may not have thought of. This type of elements is functional and decorative. Are increasingly popular in homes around the world, then we tell you why. Japanese home divider is functional decoration. It is not necessary to decorate your house completely with Japanese style to use this type of dividers in the decoration. Japanese dividers fit almost any decorative style and are a fantastic alternative to traditional curtains or blinds. These are dividers formed of one or more fabric panels, which slide horizontally.

Posted on December 8, 2021 Interior

They are usually used to cover large windows or to separate and create different environments within the same room. Although they are ideal for covering large windows, they can also be used to cover smaller windows. Japanese room divider curtain are available in an almost infinite variety of colors and designs. So it is possible to find one that fits perfectly to the decoration of your home. In case you do not find the desired design, nowadays it is easy to customize them and create them to your needs with the modern digital printing techniques available. But the real reason behind the popularity of Japanese panels is the great number of advantages they present if we compare them with other more common options. Such as curtains or blinds. Here is a summary of the main advantages. First, Japanese screen panels occupy little space both when they are deployed.

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Short Noren CurtainSize: 936 x 1248

Shoji DoorsSize: 990 x 658

Shoji Barn DoorSize: 1024 x 768

Shoji Doors IkeaSize: 934 x 1026

Japanese Sliding WallsSize: 900 x 613

Japanese ShojiSize: 800 x 800

Japanese Screen PanelsSize: 980 x 980

Japanese Noren PanelsSize: 850 x 567

Japanese Noren FabricSize: 800 x 800

Japanese Exterior DoorsSize: 1200 x 774

Japanese Curtain PanelSize: 1400 x 1400

Coromandel Screen ValueSize: 1024 x 768

Cheap Room DividerSize: 800 x 800

Antique Oriental ScreensSize: 1026 x 684

And also when they are folded to be stored or removed from the middle. This Japanese screen panels are also very light. Second, its installation is much simpler than that of curtains. This is an advantage not only in its initial installation. But also when we decide that we want to disassemble them to wash the fabrics. Third, its cost is not excessive. The Japanese panels require less amount of fabric than the curtains so if we want to cover large surfaces, it is a much cheaper option. Whether to cover your windows and prevent light from passing through or to separate environments in your living room or bedroom, Japanese panels is a great option that you should consider. You just have to choose a fabric that fits the decoration of your stay. These panels will provide an original and minimalist touch. The end.