Fashionable Decorative Ceramic Tile

If you want to renovate your walls in a practical way without sacrificing aesthetics, decorative ceramic tile is a safe bet against humidity, that’s why it is the perfect material for bathrooms and kitchens, and it adapts to all decorative styles. The friezes or wall coverings tracked, PVC or MDF (imitation wood), act as thermal and acoustic insulators and you have to choose many designs and colors. Combine smooth tiles with prints, for example those of the Bombato series, as if it were a chessboard. You can always choose the same design or alternate several in a similar way to this attractive proposal in black ceramic and geometric drawings.

Posted on May 1, 2022 Interior

In this other proposal, different black and white ceramic designs are mixed, in the patchwork style, a very personal and elegant resource and ideal for the retro style with a contemporary touch. The wall will decorate by itself. If in your day to day you wear bright and colorful colors, then you will love the combination of classic white tiles (better bright, give more light) with others in daring tones, such as red, turquoise blue or orange, and decorated stripes with drawings. This is a daring proposal but with which you guess for sure.

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Wall Ceramic Tile ThemesSize: 1226 x 832

Decorative Tile SizeSize: 960 x 640

Decorative Tile PatternSize: 1500 x 1125

Decorative Glass TileSize: 1000 x 950

Decorative Ceramic TileSize: 1100 x 825

Ceramic Tile KitchenSize: 1200 x 769

Ceramic Tile FloorSize: 922 x 642

Ceramic Kitchen TileSize: 1024 x 626

8×8 Ceramic Tile FloorSize: 1000 x 577

The decorative meshes are fashionable for how well they are and for how easy they are installed on any surface without the need for works . Also because they give a lot of play: you can put them in certain areas, for example around a mirror, in the skirt of the bathtub, covering a beam, or covering a whole wall (this is very useful if you want to cover flaws). Use this material to delimit spaces and achieve light effects by mixing bright mesh with matte.

One of the keys to decorating the Nordic style is that white predominates, both in floors and walls and textiles. If you like that look for your home, dress the wall with a frieze, a very resistant material , antiallergic and perfect for any decoration because of the great variety of colors (imitation wood or smooth) and prints. By the way, isolate the room from the noise and cold . coat the walls with a white frieze at half height and the rest with paint, and presumes decoration. It is a very appropriate material for children’s rooms because the wall is protected and in case of “mistreatment” by the smallest of the house is quickly solved.