Fabulous Wall Mounted Storage Cabinets Kitchen

This time we bring to you this post on shelves and cabinets, oriented to the kitchen, there are different styles and designs so it is important that you have knowledge of which would be the most ideal model for your kitchen, We will travel through some photographs, where you can see different wall mounted storage cabinets and shelves, from which you can take ideas to reinvent one that you already have or simply acquire it again, then there is nothing more to say … Let’s start! First, Drawers and spaces for storage, in both aerial and base cabinets, arranged in an “L” shape, very practical and space-saving. You can get much out of these in small spaces.

Posted on May 23, 2022 Interior

Cabinet type revolving shelf embedded in the wall, in wood, connects two areas, the room and the kitchen, can be used with various purposes. A very ingenious and stylish idea. In gold and brown, for a linear or single-wall kitchen, air and base cabinets, with large drawers and storage spaces, with niches above the refrigerator to enjoy more space. The colors red and black are the protagonists in this kitchen of small sizes, its air cabinets are made up of several niches of different sizes that allow greater storage and the particular cellar (to store bottles) adhered to the wall in a geometric way turns out to be very special.

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White Storage CabinetsSize: 936 x 702

Small Storage CabinetsSize: 936 x 666

Modern Grey Wall StorageSize: 1024 x 544

Home Kitchen CabinetsSize: 970 x 679

Glass Cabinet DoorSize: 1116 x 999

Cabinet Wall StorageSize: 936 x 571

Either one style or another, the shelves cannot miss, a key element when talking about decoration, in this picture we can see the simplicity of this shelf and the vastness of items that can house, so shelves and more shelves great allies for this purpose. Cabinets in white, all a right decision, since this color visually widens the space, combined with laminate areas in wood-colored formica that give balance to the work, large storage drawers in the air cabinet and a modest shelf to decorate the place.

Small kitchen, with a shelf of levels to locate and organize the kitchen utensils, a smaller shelf located in an intermediate wall that gives amplitude to the space by allowing seeing from one side to another. All in very nice colors that blend to revitalize the space. A large piece of furniture, versatile and pleasing to the eye, has various storage spaces with doors and drawers; the striking touch is presided over by a three-level corner shelf, a perfect idea to make the most of it and save space. Retro style, air cabinets laminated in chocolate wood formica, in a linear way, with the particularity that the refrigerator, oven and microwave are embedded or located in niches in order to save space, a very simple presentation.