DIY Ideas For The Antique Farm Table

You can build your own old-style antique farm table with hand tools and basic carpentry skills. The classic design uses knowledge of traditional cabinetry, while the table itself is a popular style in the decoration of the country. Preparing the plans from scratch will give you practice for the design of more complicated furniture.

Posted on June 3, 2022 Interior

Visit some antique stores or look at online images of farm tables to get a general idea of ​​style and construction. Calculate the dimensions of the farm tables, using an original table or one that is a convenient size as a guide. Measure the length of the legs, the length of the aprons including their spikes that fit the legs and the width and length of the top. A typical length for the legs of the dining table can be 28 inches long, cut into a 2-by-4 cone shape.

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Build a small table that is 36 inches long and 28 inches wide with three 1 by 10 cards from edge to edge. The plans of the sketch and buy the necessary wood. Cut legs lengthwise with a handsaw. Create simple conical legs by 2 by 4 boards by cutting down their length, starting at full width and ending 1 1/2 inches wide at the bottom. If you want more elegantly turned legs but do not have a lathe. Buy them prefabricated from an antique furniture restoration catalog or look for the legs to recycle old furniture in an antique or trash shop.

Cut two indicated the grooving on the top of each leg by drill drilling and chiseling the remaining wood to make a square mortise for rustic farmhouse table. Cut corresponding pins on the end of each skirt. Insert the dowels of the shrouds, drill the holes for the dowels and before assembling them with the glue of the skin. Saw three 1-by-10 plates 36 inches long and paste edge-to-edge to form a table that is 36 by 28. Cut two 19-inch long strips of 1 by 2 boards. Reinforce the fixing table or screw the two staples in the lower part. If you have the tools and skills, join the boards with slots in the edges instead.

Chisel several slits in the inside of the aprons, place small pieces of wood with tabs on them and the pieces on the bottom of the top of the screw. Since the top can expand or shrink depending on the humidity. Rustic farm tables are usually linked by these tabs and slots, which is called “buttoning”. The tongues can move within the slots as the table expands or contracts. For a layer of traditional milk paint or oil paint. You can buy milk paint in an easy way to mix with milk powder, lime and pigments previously measured.