Design And Ideas For Homemade Tree House

Homemade tree house – Tree houses ranging from the simplest playhouse for your kids to a residence for an entire family. The style in a tree house is also dependent on weather all year round and species of trees in the region. Contact your local building codes to check whether there are any restrictions when it comes to building and living in a tree house. Generally, as a rule requires building a simple tree house for your kids is not a building permit.

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Homemade tree house, find a suitable tree to accommodate the type of tree house you plan to build. Check with your local authorities to make sure the tree you choose does not have any restrictions on it when it comes to pruning or other protective matters. Choose a tree that provides enough space for your plans and future growth around the tree house. Look for a tree with appropriately strong horizontal branches. Construct a floor platform to provide a secure basis for the base of the tree house. Build it near the trunk of the tree. Balance and level platform centrally around the tree and using diagonal bracing for strength if needed. Try to avoid unnecessary damage to tree using ropes lashing instead of nails and screws.

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After that to homemade tree house, assemble the walls on the ground to minimize the risk of accidents while building in the upper parts of the tree. Install all the windows and doors of your plans include at this time. Hoist the walls of the tree and complete the construction by attaching them on the platform floor and each other. Build the roof after the walls have been erected and installed with the help of external plywood. Cover the roof with tar paper or roofing felt and then finish with shingle or wood shakes.