Decorative Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

A great way to reuse floors has been eliminated during a renovation is to build a reclaimed wood nightstand with the floor as the table top. Connecting the floorboards and coating well with layers of sealant make the floor joints a smooth and attractive surface. The visible aging of the wooden platform gives the table a distinctive look. But, we love the original ideas and if we can also make them ourselves through recycled or old materials, better yet! Today we are going to show you how to make an original bedside table with an old table.

Posted on August 18, 2022 Interior

The model that we present is that of a normal old table, which we are going to cut in half to produce two-night tables to put in our bedroom. You can use any reclaimed wood nightstand pottery barn model that you have since the embodiment is similar in all cases. Even if you think it is too neglected, or contains splinters or cracks, do not worry because we will make sure it is as good as new. The first thing we must do is measure the table and cut it in half. In the case that it is rectangular, we will have to divide it longitudinally. If it is square, we will give equal that half choose.

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Depending on the height of our bed and the old table, it may be necessary to cut the legs of our two new reclaimed wood nightstand diy with a saw. We will sand wash the whole surface of the table now split into two pieces and clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth. Then we will paint it, preferably with a spray instead of a brush, since with the latter it is easier to notice the marks of the ‘brushstrokes’. If we use the spray, it is recommended that we have it about 20 centimeters away from the table to avoid excessive paint dripping or accumulation. With the saw, we will give the wooden molding the same measures as the bedside tables are wide and creating a ‘staple’ in which we will place our new furniture.

Mark on the wall the height at which we will place said molding so that the legs of the tables are just at ground level. We will screw it to the wall and place the rustic wood nightstands on the wooden staple we have made. If you are going to make these original bedside tables with an old table, take pictures of how it has been in your bedroom and share them through our social networks. Redecorate your home from the recycling of old materials and save money by making ‘new’ furniture that you were about to throw away.