Create Beautiful Room With Picnic Benches

A few weeks ago I began to bring some ideas to renovate our country houses and have them ready for summer vacations without having to spend too much. First were the rustic-chic baths, then the beautiful painted iron headers , and this week are the picnic tables . These simple wooden tables, with a couple of picnic benches without backs on either side, were usually found in parks and picnic areas. Now they have also begun to take to the interior and to appear constantly in dining rooms of all styles.  in today’s post you will find out that these tables do not only look great in any country style home, but they also work well in any other style, from the modern homes to the vintage or industrial style ones.

Posted on May 19, 2022 Interior

This great idea will allow you to incorporate a functional dining room in your summer house without having to spend too much. Maybe you can find a table and picnic benches that you can retrieve and renew yourself. In today’s article you will see that these types of tables are not only ideal for campestre style homes, but they adapt perfectly to any other style, from the most modern to the most vintage or industrial style . In addition, the wood can be painted in those colors that best go with your interior adding a touch of color to your dining room.

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Picnic Table WoodenSize: 1600 x 1348

Picnic Table With ChairsSize: 1600 x 1600

Picnic Benches CushionsSize: 1200 x 797

Dining Table With DecorSize: 1024 x 681

Since a few weeks ago I’ve been bringing some ideas to renew your country homes on a budget. First I brought stunning rustic-chic bathrooms, then beautiful and delicate metal painted headboards , and this week I’m bringing a new trendy idea: picnic-style tables . Those simple tables, usually accompanied by a couple of wooden benches in each side, have always been very common in parks and outdoor picnic areas.

Now they also make their way too many interiors to be used to remove often in indoor dining areas. By using one of these picnic tables and benches you can create a cute and functional family dining area on a budget for your country holiday home. You can find an old table and benches to revamp. Just a few details are enough to put together a special scene, full of details, where anything goes. Being an informal meeting, the rules do not exist : the mix of crockery and the game of colors are allowed, as long as harmony is not lost. The inevitable : basket, cheerful goods, lemonade, rich things and some candles ready to light, if the meeting extends beyond the sun .