Coffee Table Decor Ideas With Your Hands

In some apartment where there is a living room, clearly there is a coffee table. Because it is the most important detail of rooms intended for relaxation, meeting guests and family gatherings. His choices should pay a lot of attention to that party, eye-catching and create new threads for the beautiful and intimate conversations.

Posted on June 17, 2022 Interior

But, unfortunately, most of these object of interior streams with old newspapers or other waste accumulated things. But that’s a solution; you can make coffee table decor ideas with your own hands so it will fit into a stylish and relevant piece of furniture.

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Table AccentsSize: 830 x 976

Kitchen Table CenterpieceSize: 1200 x 1200

Diy Coffee Table TraySize: 1024 x 1024

Coffee Table StylingSize: 1080 x 1349

Coffee Table Decor TraySize: 1000 x 750

In this article we will discuss the most popular techniques and possibilities for decorating these products. What the features decor coffee table? Every year restoration of outdated or overdue furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The restoration procedure can be transformed into a work of art itself. Meanwhile, decorative coffee table styling with paint can be option. Paint is ideal for restoration coffee table because they allow you to implement the most interesting creative ideas. Even use of two contrasting color stains makes the worktop light, stylish and individual. For paint, you can use finished templates or come up with your own photo.

In principle, this can be anything: flowers, plants, ornaments, butterflies, geometric patterns. First check about everything we have to work: paint to produce the tray separately and paint for the pattern; stencil; brush; lacquer; masking tape. Now look into how to decorate your coffee table with your hands:

  • Firstly, we clean the surface of the table from damage and unevenness.
  • Second, covered in base color and allow drying completely.
  • Third, meanwhile, preparing the template. If you do not have time to dream, then download the best picture from the web, print it and cut it out.
  • Fourth, on the disc fix the stencil and the remaining surface of the cover tape so that it does not contaminate.

Apply gently paint as you have chosen for the pattern. Gives it dry, removes the stencil. Sixth, borders the circular pattern or brush. Seventh, apply a thick layer of paint; it is better to use a spray. Important! To add a drawing of originality, you can use the technique cracelures. This method allows artificial restoration to be artificially applied to any surface. Depending on the material, a table covered with small or large cracks that resemble cobwebs. In this case, it is not necessary to wait until the paint is dry because the paint is applied directly to unhardened paint.