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Amazing Kids Tree Houses

Kids tree houses – How to make children’s tree houses for the garden? It is a single house and traditional, but the whole is very well done and the video clip is quite didactic. Here I found a video clip where is summarized with accelerated time building a tree house for children, abbreviating images just over three minutes.  There are different possible forms of tree houses and particularly for children.

Basically wood is used and the construction is done on a tree under or on legs in the garden.  You can start from a basic configuration, that of the casita with typical roof of a typical representation of a cottage or a real house. There is a huge variety of wooden houses and many versions of kids tree houses, not only for children’s play, but adults also enjoy these constructions.

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Kids Tree HousesSize: 990 x 662

Kids Tree Houses WoodSize: 900 x 506

Kids Tree Houses WhiteSize: 1024 x 765

Kids Tree Houses TypeSize: 1024 x 683

Kids Tree Houses SmallSize: 1052 x 864

Kids Tree Houses SlideSize: 900 x 588

Kids Tree Houses ShapesSize: 1024 x 683

Kids Tree Houses HdewaySize: 1024 x 682

Kids Tree Houses BlueSize: 900 x 1137

Small in size, like its users, this little house is a dream comes true: a space for the game in only 13.5 m² surrounded by apple trees. But although kids tree houses is small the architects also have been allowed to play with the space. This is how we find a double height interior, yes, on a reduced scale.  So far we come with our magical book of ideas, full of possibilities and creativity. An adventure to live in nature.

Inspiring Building A Tree House

Building a tree house – Before you start building a tree house, you have to overcome the biggest obstacle, as is finding the right tree. A tree house needs a mature, strong tree with a thick trunk and sturdy support branches. If you Don’t have this kind of tree, the only option is to build a stilt-frame house or ground level playhouse. But if you have a suitable tree or group of trees that could divide the carrying weight of a tree house. You simply need to start planning.

You must use pressure treated lumber for the construction process. This is because a building a tree houses needs a well-built frame foundation for the platform to rest on. Using decking screws instead of nails to attach the timber to the tree will provide additional security. You should also consider the life tree house.

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And allow for accommodation in construction which will not interfere with the growth of the tree. If you are concerned to prevent damage to the tree and allows for healthy growth, consult an arborist before you start building a tree house. Provide as level a basis as possible for the tree house floor. You may need to cut out parts of the frame or floor joists to achieve a flat surface.

How To Build A Tree House In Easy Tips

How to build a tree house? It is difficult to describe in words the sensation that occurs when perched on a tree: contact with nature, the adventure of exploring between the branches, be away from the world and reach horizon with the look, have a new perspective. Many of us have dreamed of having a house in the tree, that place where we play, we find ourselves, we climb, we rest, we invite the friends, we look at the stars, etc.

How to build a tree house diy? What steps do you have to follow to build a house in the tree? Sketch: Once received the images of your tree and we make a first design. If you do not have tree have several ways to help, look at our catalog tree houses. Measurement of the tree: Our technicians will go to your tree to make a 3d model through photogrammetric. Preliminary draft: Together with you we will elaborate the design until arriving at the house in the tree of your dreams.

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All the necessary documentation for the construction of how to build a tree house. Plans, constructive details, and types of materials. Construction: Several wood workshops make an offer for the execution of the project, compare the different alternatives and choose the cheapest. You can also build it yourself with our supervision.