Building Stainless Steel Work Bench

A sturdy and durable stainless steel work bench provides space in your garage or shed for woodworking or other projects and can serve as a practical shelf between tasks. You can build your own workbench for something more than a weekend, and using cheap scrap materials.

Posted on July 2, 2022 Interior


Construct the top frame that will provide weight support for the design work bench and the objects that will be sitting on the table surface of the bench. Lay the two 60-inch-long boards on the ground parallel to each other and about 20 inches apart. Place the four 20-inch long pieces between the two parallel pieces. These shorter pieces should be perpendicular to 60-inch long pieces. Two pieces should sit at the ends of the parallel pieces to create a complete rectangle shape while the remaining two shorter pieces should sit approximately 17 inches to the inside of the 20-inch pieces at the end of the rectangle frame. Run screws through 60 inch long pieces and at the ends of all four 20 inch long pieces.

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Place OSB bit on top of the rectangular structure. Run screws down through the OSB sheet and into 2- from 4-inch pieces were 6 inches around the perimeter of the OSB sheet and through the center into the center 2 with 4-inch pieces. Attach the wooden pole pieces to the bench top to serve as Bench’s legs. Place the ends of the posts directly into the outer corners of the frame you created in step 2. Drive nails down through OSB and at the ends of each post. Sand all surfaces on the worktop. Pay particular attention to the top of the workbench and the edges of the bench and leg; this will prevent damage to your future projects and damage to the skin.

When doing a lot of fix-it work in your job or just as a hobby, a portable workbench can be a great help. Inevitably you will need space to set up some tools and do some simple tasks right away, and you cannot always trust someone else has a stable workbench right where you need it. The best option is to create your own. You can do it with a piece of plywood and some 2×2 boards. A single portable workbench can be made from a 2 x 2.5-foot piece of 2/1 inch plywood. You can cut from a larger sheet with the help of a ban. Now you also need to create the table. These can be built from 2×2 boards and folding shelf brackets. Just cut 4 to 12 inches tall and mount them on the shelf brackets to add stability. Then cross the brackets with two 2×2 boards. If you use heavy folding brackets you do not need to tension them with 2x2s, but should mount rubber feet on shelf consoles to reduce sliding.