Building Hobbit Tree House

Hobbit tree house – Build your own hobbit tree house using found, regenerated and recycled materials, mainly from earth. An infinite variety of methods are available to make these fictitious hill dwellings come to life.

Posted on March 23, 2022 Tree House Model


Find a tree for your hobbit tree house. A flat, open area of ​​the firm but well drained soil works well. Dig a hole in the ground, and clear the area of ​​home plate. Support the tree trunks or logs, and nail them together to create the home’s frame. Use the trolley-style stacking, or any other method that produces a rounded frame.

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Create your hobbit tree house roof. Your choice of material depends on your climate and location. Add layers of sturdy wood followed by filter paper and several layers of thick black plastic to form a waterproof membrane. Cotton sheets and straw bales, followed by plastic works well. Place the hay bales of sod between the supporting posts to insulate the home. Apply some sort of wall materials to the home. Lime plaster provides breathable alternatives, while the cob, a mixture of clay and straw, is very malleable.

Lay floor for home using scrap wood or stone pallets atop the plastic and straw bales to provide a solid, insulated floor. Install windows with traditional framing methods with log cuttings. Installing a front door with a rounded crown to match the home’s shape. Incorporate wood in home furnishings and decorations, to keep their constituents rustic.