Black Folding Chairs: Comfortable And Open Space

Light and practical, black folding chairs are recommended for use in interior and exterior, since we can take them out and store them quickly; or in small environments, such as kitchens or bedrooms, where a slight movement of your joints is enough to fold it, and remove it from the middle. Of course: this model of chairs was never too comfortable to say. It will be that one uses them for a short time, and since their preparation is in light and economical materials (such as pine, plastic or aluminum), comfort goes to a secondary level. Well, it would be about the thickness of a medium book, about 20 mm, but what is undeniable is that this chair.

Posted on July 4, 2022 Interior

Due to its extreme thinness, it can be stored anywhere, and its ingenious articulation system allows the seat and supporting support to be deployed in seconds. It can be achieved in this multicolored design, or in black, white or brown colors. A creative proposal of the design studio by Nicolás Douard, to take to the beach: a wooden wenge board, with three rows of holes: it depends on the desired position, the other table is placed on one of them, and we can choose between a normal posture chair and one closest to the lounger.

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When our small kitchen is less than 60 centimeters between the furniture and the wall, it is very difficult to organize a place to eat something or have breakfast. And the folding chairs and table give us the solution. Made of plastic and aluminum, they are easy to transport and store when not in use. And they can be placed on the side of the environment that does not disturb the step. This folding chair, named Steel, was created by the Dutch designer Reinier de Jong, and is made of ash and steel. The small trunks were slightly recessed in the seat and backrest to increase the comfort of the user.

Precisely, the creator of this chair undertook a campaign for people to donate the handles of their old brooms, shovels, rakes and masts, to be able to recycle them in these practical chairs. A proposal for the terrace, with two folding plastic and aluminum chairs. The design of the backrest, as well as the small gap in the seat, seeks a greater degree of comfort than what these chairs usually provide. In addition, the white color of this furniture combines precisely with the pots and the table, and with the idea of ​​having a comfortable and open space. And if we want to have the environment clear, they fold quickly and move away from the place.