Awesome Tree Houses For All Ages!

Awesome tree houses – Who did not want a house in the tree when he was little? I’m sure more than one dreamed of having a shelter like that, on top that was secret and inaccessible to our parents. A private club to plan the next adventures … or pranks. Well, it’s never late. In today’s book of ideas we show you four great designs of houses in trees and I assure you that you are not just for children.

Posted on July 29, 2022 Tree House Model

The landscape architects of Urban awesome tree houses offer us encourage us to live that dream ever learned to treasure: away from the world, in close contact with nature without losing the ability to customize your own space. Urban tree houseĀ  is the ability we have today to crystallize that dream through customized projects.

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The awesome tree houses grow from the very structure of the tree, starting from its trunk and unfold as roots that anchor in the adjoining land. One of the most important conditions of the project was not to cut any of the branches of the oak or to nail anything into them. To make it possible, the experts performed a measurement of the tree generating an exact 3D model to the structure.