Artificial Outdoor Trees And Plants

Not everyone has time and green fingers to grow and care for a lush backyard and maintain green spaces. Although it is probably not desirable, it is possible to have an entire outdoor garden made up of something other than artificial plants. Artificial outdoor trees and plants are made of weatherproof materials with UV radiation protection.

Posted on January 5, 2021 Exterior

Grass, shrubs, flowers and trees are all manufactured from all-weather materials with UV protection that lasts for many years and requires little care beyond cleaning. They can enhance the porch, lawn or deck area with its lush greenery and natural textures and can last for many years when cleaned regularly. These plants make an attractive alternative in areas with a garden where it is difficult to keep real plants alive. Or when you just want something that looks green but does not require water, fertilizer or insect control.

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Silk Tree WarehouseSize: 900 x 1124

Polyblend Outdoor PlantsSize: 1500 x 1001

Permaleaf Outdoor PlantsSize: 922 x 1618

Large Fake Tree PropSize: 800 x 1200

Fake Oak TreeSize: 1174 x 1200

Trees; you may have noticed oversized, extravagant artificial palms in hotels or upscale lobbies, but many artificial trees look natural in an outdoor environment. They vary in size from 4 to 12 feet tall, depending on the type of tree. You might consider adding an artificial tree to a slick courtyard or deck for added privacy. Exotic trees like small palms help create a festive environment if you plan to make a lot of entertaining outdoors. You can buy outdoor artificial plants and trees in pots, containers or without a base if you want to use your own pot. Trees in containers can be planted in the ground if you want them to look real. Hedges; Hedges are traditionally used to establish a natural property border, decorate a yard or increase privacy in a fenced area. Artificial fuses are sold in sculptured shapes like arches and balls or popped for a walkway.

They also come as natural looking square plants as you stake in the ground. Height varies from one foot to eight feet high. Most artificial hedges include different shades of green. Styles vary in bulk from close and impossible to look through to green and loose. You may want to lay nests in shady areas where you have a hard time keeping the plants alive.

Flowering plants; many artificial outdoor landscaping offer flowering flowers that add warmth and color. Pot artificial gardenias or geraniums in a hanging basket or window box to compliment the veranda or lay them in between hedges for depth and color or to fill any holes in between. Before buying artificial flowering plants for your garden or porch, check the material for UV resistant properties or colors will fade outdoors. Common colors for geraniums include red, pink and white.