Amazing Art Deco Rugs Design For A Classy Style

Owing its origin to the design style that was introduced to the world in Paris in the 1920s, art deco rugs were first seen at the “L’Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes”, an event held in Paris in 1925, soon after the first World War. These rugs had covered the space where the exhibition was held and became an instant hit attracting all the visitors to it immediately. Even the term “art deco” was derived from the title of this event.

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Art deco rugs came as a relief in the market as it was not as expensive as oriental rugs while making it as well as purchasing. Weavers, designers, merchants, and buyers were equally excited about these with the quality they bring as well as lesser efforts and cost in the making. Being made in the machines, they considerably reduce the efforts of the makers, a reason for its reduced cost as well.

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Vintage Art Deco RugsSize: 1000 x 750

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French Art Deco RugSize: 1024 x 701

Buy Art Deco RugsSize: 1030 x 686

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Art Deco Inspired RugsSize: 1000 x 750

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Art Deco Carpet PatternsSize: 1024 x 678

1930 Art Deco RugsSize: 1023 x 682

The designs on these rugs are almost similar to the ones on oriental vintage art deco rugs. They come in bright colors like peacock blue, dark green, yellow and purple. However, you would also find them in somber colors like beiges, greys and muted blues. The patterns on the art deco rugs are mostly geometric shapes or Egyptian motifs like pyramids and hieroglyphics. Another common sign in the art deco rugs is the repeated patterns like lines, squares or curves.

Unlike the oriental rugs that are mostly thin, art deco rugs are thick, making it equivalent of a mattress when you put them on the floor. They are often made of wool and silk or a combination of both, which contributes to their luxurious appearance and comfort that they provide when you rest on them. On the art deco carpet patterns, you would rarely find a mistake in the knots or the design, and the reason is obvious, that they are made with machines and not manually.

Art deco rugs take a special place in the history of rug making as they proved that rugs need not be costly or expensive always. And thus they became attainable and affordable for all, not a monopoly of the upper strata of the society anymore. Also, they came to be manufactured in large numbers as it was easy to make them with machines and also because the working class usually outnumber the upper class in most countries.

In the case of art deco inspired rugs, two names are noteworthy. They were the main designers of art deco rugs who showed the world that there are more designs for rugs than those depicted on the oriental rugs. While creating these new designs, they were, in fact, revolutionizing the art of rug making, making it available to all despite the class or economical diversities.