Aluminum Mini Blinds Color

While vinyl is a more popular choice, aluminum mini blinds are still a traditional and popular choice in many homes. Since aluminum blinds are made of an already existing material and not an artificial plastic, staining for awnings must be painted and cannot be blended as a pigment. Fortunately, several color colors are available for aluminum mini lenses.

Posted on February 18, 2021 Interior


One of the most popular colors, several shades of white is available for aluminum mini blinds. Shades of white include bright white such as alabaster and white or off-white shades that cream white, matt white or vanilla. These colors reflect a large amount of sunlight and can help lower the ambient temperature in room more than dark blinds. Colors like gray and beige make up the neutral colors. These colors neither reflect nor absorb a lot of heat from the sun. At the cool end of the neutral spectrum, shades like stuck and smoky gray are gray with elements of cool blue while desert sand, lamp shade and beige feature a warmer tone with red elements.

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Small Aluminum BlindsSize: 249 x 249

Picture Aluminum BlindsSize: 1000 x 974

Narrow Mini BlindsSize: 500 x 535

Mini Blinds WideSize: 944 x 948

Mini Blinds LargeSize: 500 x 535

Mini Blinds ImageSize: 600 x 684

Mini Blinds HorizontalSize: 500 x 575

Mini Blinds DarkSize: 541 x 688

Mini Blinds CreamSize: 500 x 575

Mini Blinds CleanSize: 600 x 600

Mini Blinds BedroomSize: 500 x 500

Kichen Mini BlindsSize: 593 x 680

Blue Mini BlindsSize: 500 x 571

Aluminum Blinds ThickSize: 900 x 900

Aluminum Blinds SetSize: 1000 x 1000

Aluminum Blinds PlanSize: 1000 x 750

Aluminum Blinds LittleSize: 250 x 250

Aluminum Blinds DoubleSize: 300 x 300

Wood Look

Aluminum blinds do not look like they are made of metal and several manufacturers choose instead to color and structure their aluminum blinds to resemble wood. Wood-look aluminum blinds are available in different shades of brown, from light and warm maple to a darker and more subdued cherry tree. These colors are often accentuated with darker stains that aim to simulate texture, twigs and ring patterns.


Several metallic colors are also emphasizing the natural texture and shine of aluminum. Brushed aluminum gives the metal a coarse and unfinished texture and special colors like bronze-colored ash metallic, silver and beige pearl available. Of course, to block out the maximum amount of sunlight, no color is darker than black. Black blinds absorb a lot of sunlight and can contribute to a higher ambient temperature in a room. Nevertheless, black aluminum blinds are popular and are available in their own shades like carbon black and black satin.

Other colors

Living colors like red, blue, green and even purple are also available to match room colors. Shades include midnight blue, garnet red, avocado and pale pink. Aluminum blinds are available in many different styles and colors, as well as finishes. You can choose between neutral tones with a flat surface or light-colored blinds with a shiny surface, and any combination thereof. Each aluminum blind has its own built-in head rail, which offers a designer look. Aluminum blinds give a little privacy when it’s closed, but can show shadows and silhouettes in a lighted room.